Friday, April 11, 2008

Parenting 101

How do you do it and When? Connor is now over 8 months old and I have yet to be able to 'put her down for a nap'. So far her naps are taken in the afternoon around noon after I latch her on and she falls asleep, and around 4 after I... latch her on and she falls asleep. Either way, I am her pacifier and her teddy bear. Now, this may sound cute and sweet... but when do we move to the next step? I just laid her down in her playpen for her nap and she woke up right away and is crying/screaming/squeeling on her knees begging me to pick her up. BUT she hasn't taken her nap! Is she still too young to 'go down for a nap' on her own? Am I pushing it too soon? Am I a bad mom for letting her cry right now?
I caved and picked her up...



Hi, let me start by saying my son is the same age and is taking two 1 to 2 hr naps a day. Here's the trick-cough syrup! KIDDING :) You may want to consider swaddling again. I used a really thin bed sheet folded in half, for a loose comfortable wrap. If you find this lengthens her nap time, keep doing it until she finds a routine; Sleeping at the same time, for the same length of time (took about a week and half here) Once that's established stop swaddling and set her down at nap time. She may still cry, but it shouldn't last as long because of her new routine. Hope it helps.

Michelle Kelley

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