Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Creative side of the brain

First off, why didn't anyone tell me my font was so large my blog read like I was screaming?!? This small font is much better, and I wouldn't even mind going smaller.
Secondly: Why am I not funny? Is it because I am a new mom and just want to post pictures of my kid? I read everyone else's blog and they tell funny stories or share interesting thoughts... where are my interesting thoughts?
Thirdly: Hey! There is my thought for the day. Is 'thirdly' a word?
My fourth point is: I have lost my ability to be creative! Maybe it was the epidural! That's it... the epidural affected my knees, my left shoulder blade and the creative side of my mind! That or else I am out of practice... or just not a blogger. I never thought of that. My mom has all of these talents, ie; sewing, cooking, guilt trips, crafting, etc... you know? And I have always said that each one of us girls have inherited a talent or two of hers (Andres says I perfected her guilt trips). Anyhow, Heidi can cook and craft, Mel can cook and sew, and I can... bake a mean cake? I like to scrapbook like them but have trouble getting started, Heidi once assigned me the green bean casserol at Thanksgiving because "it's hard to screw up 3 ingredients", and it took me almost one month and 3 trial runs to finish Connor's first Halloween costume... and the ears are still uneven! So maybe I just keep trying, right? Maybe these talents will improve with time and practice? Maybe I will not only become a great cook (Andres thinks I'm doing better... or I just improved the guilt trips and made him feel obligated to compliment) and a more precise sewer, but creative and funny! That's it, I'll practice on all of you... time will tell, right? Or maybe I'll just post another cute picture of Connor so I don't loose all 3 of my readers right away.


C. Witt

I think you're hilarious! Remember the road trips and the millions of notebooks we would fill up with our secret written conversations? I would publish them on my blog if I still had any of them now. Those, my dear, were full of creativity ;) I love your blog. Even if you just updated us every day on the color of Connor's spit up, I would still read!



That was funny. Quit being hard on yourself. I know, I know, I know it's hard to follow in my footsteps! :0)

But hey, did you see me even attempt my kids' Halloween costumes?

Love ya!


Now you know why Jack borrowed Noah's lion costume (that your mom made). Here's my creative at borrowing other people's creativity. If else fails you can always make piggy banks, which you are good at!

Terri (Mom)

I think maybe you are right. You see, I never had an epidural with you four kids and I'm very creative, funny and great with guilt! I can't walk and chew gum though....hmm...