Friday, September 7, 2007

Our New Best Friend

Andres is known to be a friendly guy and I love that about him! He loves to meet new people and get to know them in record time. For example, when our friends Jason and Kellen moved into the building, he came into the house and asked me how much longer till dinner because he was helping our new neighbors move their stuff up to the 3rd floor and wanted me to come out to meet them too. (I hate moving myself let alone complete strangers up to the 3rd floor! My first reaction is to introduce yourself AFTER the big stuff is up:) just kidding... a little) Anyhow, we became great friends and he has since met just about everyone else in the building and is on a first name basis with all of them...last night one of the neighbors asked him if he ever considered going into politics:) Anyhow... our new Best Friend was given to us by our neighbors on the 2nd floor and we are now in love. Here is a picture of Connor and our new Best Friend:

Yup! It's the SWING! I read something in Connor's baby book today that commented on how some parents feel a pacifier is a baby plug... well, this seems to be the same thing in this house. She loves it! Our neighbors have a little girl as well and have given us an assortment of things for Connor including a huge box of very cute clothes! Thank you to our neighbors and thank you to my dear husband for being so damn outgoing and friendly!



I'm still stuck on one of the first lines, where you were cooking dinner....

Liz Casstro

Ha Ha Ha! I figure I'm gonna have to feed Connor real food one day so I might as well start experimenting on Andres now!