Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome Home Connor Madison!

Miss Connor Madison Casstro

Weighing in at 7 lbs. 4 ozs. and 20" long, Connor joined the family on August 1st at 7:48 am. Labor was long and the epidural was worth it... I have all the respect in the world for those who go au'natural during child birth!

My husband was an amazing coach and I never once threatened to kill him. I did, however leave my mark on his hands and arms during each contraction.

My mom and sisters were also with us every step of the way, filling in for Andres when he had to step out to get me more drugs! However my mom spent most of the time reminding us how she read thru labor with me and not once took any pain killers for any of us... thanks Super Mom!

Now the labor is over and we have her home with us. Our new family is doing well and slowly adjusting to a random sleeping pattern. Daddy takes the early evening shift and Mommy takes the early morning shift. Of course, daddy wakes mommy for feeding time, but lets her sleep in between. We plan to constantly change our schedule and know every day is just as unpredictable as the last. We look forward to this new life and feel blessed to have such a beautiful and healthy addition to our family!


Nellie's daily happenings

Congratulations Liz!!! I know all about every word you said!!! Take it easy and enjoy every moment as they grow so fast!!! You will cherish every sleepless moment you have with her. She is beautiful and looks just like another addition to the Nicks clan!!! Take care and get some rest!!!


Congrats. The baby is cute but what did you expect from you two.
Donna Sexton

C. Witt

She's beautiful!! Future GWA written all over her ;) Congratulations Liz. I love that you're a mommy now!

Dana Grant

We were wondering if you had the baby yet!! Congrats!! Can't wait to meet her!!
Dana and Jeremy

Terri Nicks

Where are the rest of the pictures? These are already three days old! Give her love from Grandma Hootie.


Beautiful you guys! Absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations! We love you!


Weird... you have a baby! :o) Hah! Too cute. I can't wait to hold her. *HUGS* Love you three!