Thursday, July 12, 2007

For the Love of the Game!

Watch out Tiger Woods, here come the new King and Queen of golf!

Andres has taken up this new sport and is loving it (thanks Jason, you created a monster!). He is learning patience, not only for his aim, but for those who can't Birdie each hole! He got his first set of irons last week and invited Mel for a one on one game on Saturday. This gave him a chance to break in his irons as well as his new shoes, towel, tees, balls, putter, driver and iron covers! (Yes, his collection of golf accessories is constantly growing and I am finding tall tees all over the house!)
Melissa, on the other hand, has just returned to the sport after a good length break since High School. Her skills impressed us and she took on the course like an old pro! Their one on one game ended with a close score, of course I did loose count on a few different holes and wasn't sure if the ball bouncing off the bird on the 11th hole counted for another point or not!

As for me, I think I need to wait till the size of my belly and boobs decrease so I can get my hands on the club and actually take a full swing at the ball! I am still supportive and spend my tee time sitting in the cart, chasing down the snack cart and hunting for other people's balls to make up for the ones we loose in BFE!



Looks like you are all having fun! Glad to see you got Mel back into the game. Someday we will finally break in our new clubs too! Now that will take alot of patience.

C. Witt

The ball hit a BIRD?! Awesome.